Jacob William – Singer Songwriter

Tom Robinson (BBC Introducing) review:

“Within six seconds, his spinetingling voice has kicked in and by ten seconds, we know we’re in the presence of greatness. It’s the vocal that seals the deal while the grand piano accompaniment vanishes into the background almost as an irrelevance: beyond the smallest doubt, this is a song born of real-life experience. If Art can be defined as ‘the process by which we encode experience in order to share it with others’ then Jacob William is a very fine artist indeed.” (Read Review)

Download ‘Caught Red Handed’ for free here

“Listen to Jacob William sing and you will see he is gifted with one of the most addictive
and authentic voices I have heard in a long time. It combines both the slightly
sandpapery quality that gives it life, and the most unusual and hypnotic vibrato
I have heard in ages. I found myself immersing myself in its luster.”

Larry Murray, Berkshire on Stage

Below you will find short preview clips from Jacob William’s upcoming album.
Jacob wrote and produced all songs – performing all vocals and instruments on all tracks.
For further information please visit the Contact page.

Watch below the trailer to the film Don’t Let Go – featuring Jacob William.